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If you’re looking for a change from the hassle and headache of the usual car buying experience, you’ve come to the right place.

The key to getting an awesome car deal is by making dealerships compete. If you don’t have the time or even the patience to do it yourself, we’re the solution to your problem. Hire an expert to negotiate and advocate on your behalf, and drive away like our customers do, happy and confident with their purchase.

How We Auto Broker Cars.

FewGoodCars.com Flat Rate $ 499.00

Auto brokers bring knowledge and negotiating skills to the table on your behalf.

Shopping Experts

We know how to wring the lowest possible price out of local dealers.

Let Us Find Deals

The level of expertise you need to get the best deals may not be something you can learn in a weekend.

Do Not Waste Time

An auto broker can do all of the hard work on your behalf and often drop off the car along with the completed contract for you to sign in less time.

What Is a Good Credit Score? We Repair Credit.

Very Poor

300 to 579


670 to 739


800 to 850

1,588New Cars

1,248Used Cars

350Sports Cars

108Luxury Cars

Why Use An Auto Broker?

Partnership with vendors enables us to connect with FewGoodCars.com consumers of vehicle owners who seem to appreciate insight to help reduce the cost of car ownership

Quite simply, Few Good Cars, manages the process of buying a car on behalf of a customer. This includes finding the desired vehicle, negotiating the price, delivering the final paperwork, and securing financing, if necessary. Few Good Cars’s job is to help the customer save time and money in the car buying process.

Car Credit Builder Tips NewsLetter

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