Michigan Auto Broker Pricing

Simple Flat. Auto Broker Pricing.

Few Good Cars, takes care of the entire new car buying or leasing process for you.

Flat Fee$ 499.00

Pay half upfront and half when you take delivery and are completely satisfied with our service.

We take care of the hassle & haggle because you don't want to.

Car shop anonymously.
You do not have to sit at sales desks negotiating with pushy car salesmen.
Take test drives without the salesman.
Get unbiased advice. We know of exceptional deals on vehicles you might not have even considered.
Get multiple quotes without any pressure to buy.
Have an expert advocate help you compare the quotes.
Never worry about getting ripped off.
We negotiate all parts of the deal. Sale price, financing, warranties and add ons.
We help you decide if you want to trade in or sell private party.
If you want to sell private party we help you market your vehicle and field phone calls from interested parties.
Don't want to sell private party? We will negotiate your trade in with the dealerships.

Flat Rate$ 199.00

Get an Expert to Consult with as You Navigate the Car Buying Process.

You take care of the hassle & haggle.

Three hour strategy calls with Buying Consultant to analyze your deals and proposals.
Unlimited text messaging consulting with Buying Consultant, expert car buyer/negotiator.
Unbiased consumer driven car buying advise and expertise from a former car salesman.
You learn to negotiate all parts of the deal, just like FewGoodCars.com Buying Consultant, does it.
FewGoodCar.com's guide to Negotiating a Car Deal Without Stepping Foot Inside a Dealership.
  • Because brokers don't operate a car lot, they buy vehicles as needed instead of stocking up on cars and carrying a heavy debt-load for inventory. With low overhead, brokers can offer competitive pricing. As well, brokers keep track of dealer incentives and rebates, and because brokers have access to the same new cars, dealers have compelling reasons to put only their best prices upfront.

  • Surprise! Dirty car trade-ins do not get high value. And not just dirty outside, but extremely messy and cluttered inside as well and with trunks loaded with items from years gone by, including empty oil containers and various car parts. Clean your car before you show to dealers.

    You may even want to have it detailed. You want the vehicle to be washed and waxed. You should shampoo the carpet and floor mats. And you defintely want to use odor neutralizers or ionizers. This is especially true for a smoker's car. We all know how important "first impression" is. A shiny and clean car immediately strikes the Dealer as a nice surprise and he'll begin to entertain the idea that you actually cared about the car ... a strong indication that you likely maintained the car properly as well.

  • A flat fee is only charged when you are ready to use our service to buy a vehicle. We spend a lot of time advocating on your behalf until you take delivery of your vehicle. Our business is successful when we do what we say we will do.

  • Give the broker information about the car you want. The more detailed the information, the better equipped your broker will be to find exactly what you want. Limited or inaccurate information will waste both your time and the broker's time searching out cars you don't like. Make sure to include any non-negotiable items on the list, such as four doors versus two doors, a sun roof, or the type of audio system you prefer.

    Test drive the vehicle the broker brings you. After the broker searches and finds a car that meets your requirements, you still need to test drive it to be sure it feels right for you.

Car Credit Builder Tips NewsLetter

Credit scores and credit reports. Identify items that are hurting your credit score than cleaning up your credit by paying off past-due accounts, disputing credit report errors, and adding positive information to your credit report before a car dealer ship looks at it.